public defense

it seems my often misguided & rude neighbors are now taking it upon themselves to openly harass me as i walk home & when i am going to the places i volunteer. hence, i maintain this blog show my state of mind & how i feel about what is currently happening.

since i am not working i have been volunteering for 2 different organizations which take me to different parts of the city & usually with a varied schedule. as sometimes i go to people’s homes to give them vouchers for food & for rent. i also answer the phone for another non-profit & will be teaching a course on budgeting this Summer.

i was leered @ earlier this week by a woman who is morbidly obese & from what i can gather a shut-in. on my way home just now i was harassed by tall man with long black hair and lean body who i have never seen before today. who called me a nasty name in front of a church. i didn’t turn around or reply as i have been harassed for a good deal of my life & recognize how i can better build a court case is of course by not responding. i called my husband when i got home.

i have no idea what caused the neighbors to start treating me like a piranha but also recognize that bullies often have problems of their own that have nothing to do with me. however, when they encounter me they feel that their harassing behavior is somehow *justified* i just view for what it is. bullying.

i won’t change my schedule because i value making a difference in the community & the change i bring to it. this is just a public record of what occurred today.

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