judged by a jacket

last June when i was on my honeymoon i bought a jacket on the Hurtigruten my husband and i took because i wanted to remember our honeymoon and i needed a waterproof jacket. never in a million years was i expecting to be called names on trains, buses and in public for wearing it. that’s what has been steadily happening in the last couple of months.

i am essentially being called names because i am wearing a jacket that can’t be bought on the internet and the one i was lucky enough to grab i got on the ferry. it saddens me that our culture is turning on itself-when strangers are harassing one another in public for what? i also understand that i have always been a target for bullies, abusive men and for being judged. i consider myself cute but i am also book smart and look pretty good for my age.

however, because of all the insults i have had hurled at me forced me to buy a new jacket and once the new jacket comes i will cease to wear the other one. even though i initially had great memories connected to it. i think it’s sad-because i recently subjected myself to one of the worst adult behaviors i have seen by what i can only describe is people with jobs-not morals. they outed when i lost a baby last fall and i became fodder for a bunch of people i wouldn’t even donate a kidney to.

no, i am done wasting my time with mean people, judgmental and rude people. why-because if they treated me like that i don’t want to know how they treat their nannies, house keepers and their personal shoppers. my guess is that it’s not with kindness because people that are mean and judgmental have managed to get by acting that their entire lives and as i had a good friend say-they don’t deserve me. which is true. i also don’t want to be part of some out dated clique. please act like adults not like when you where the most popular kid in high school, considering it was nearly 25 years ago. grow up.

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