feb. 2011

in the past month my life became very hectic. after hearing that one of my relatives wasn’t doing very well i was asked if i could help. as i volunteer with 2 different non-profits locally i enjoy making a difference and seeing the changes that helping someone i need can bring.

i was in Northern Norway for 3 weeks where the daytime high was in the teens and there was wind chill. i only brought with me 3 sweaters, Uggs and enough wool socks for a week-i also took my 22″ suitcase. upon arrival there was over an inch of snow @ the airport and it snowed continually for the first week.

however, i love my espresso and was sent out to do errands in the town i was in as well as get my coffee fix everyday. the walk into the town was short but scenery was beautiful so i began taking my camera with me everywhere.

wearing 3 layers on-top and long underwear under my jeans got old. so i decided the last week i was there that i would only wear long underwear if it was below a certain temperature. in the 3 weeks i was there i saw improvement and gratitude-but the favorite part of my trip was being in Oslo during the FIS Championship and seeing an old friend of mine and spending quality time with my cousin.

i am back in rain and 45 degree temps and find the days balmy in comparison. i have placed my Uggs back on the shelf and i hope i won’t have to take them out until next winter. below are the ski tracks from when i was in Bjornfjell one day.

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