poorly trained

since, this Summer i have been shook by an officer shooting a Native woodcarver who was deaf in one ear after shouting at him for a mere 7 seconds. the woodcarver was not facing the officer as all the bullets entered one side of his body. not only is this officer poorly trained but he should be brought up on manslaughter charges for his killing of an innocent man. today the inquest jury came back with their verdict which was mostly mixed.

one of the reasons why i think he should get manslaughter charges is that in Summer of 07 when i was spiraling i ended up @ house and the police surrounded it at the time i raised a chair on porch up out of fear & the police told me to drop threatening to tazer me if i did not. although they arrested me; i had committed no crime.

if the officer that shot the woodcarver had been on duty that Summer i would be dead as would countless other mentally unstable & people that are deaf. his senseless lack of how to communicate with the Native American population along with city poor shows he should not be able to carry badge or a loaded weapon. i can’t get the picture out of my head where he mi micks a complete lie on the stand.

since i volunteer locally with a non-profit that specializes in helping people with mental illness and their families i find this disturbing and scary. the local population has a high rate of undiagnosed mental illness and it’s not a poor people’s problem because anyone can in fact suffer from a mental illness & because of the stigma associated with finding a diagnosis many do not seek treatment when it’s badly needed.

from my point of view having a the inability to confront someone in a calm manner before killing them is in fact a sign of mental illness. the rush to violence & the reasoning that you should only have to explain yourself after it has happened shows a true disconnect between being rational & irrational. this however reminds me of the calculated killing in Arizona; & how his insanity defense will be disputed in court. i see the local officer that was fired the same way. just because you carry a badge does not give you the right to senselessly kill innocent civilians without recourse.

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