weddingRing as a deflector shield

well, i am going to try to attempt to write this while making Scandinavian porridge i have to check on every 10 minutes. making it basically requires that you babysit the stove.

i have noticed the last 2 months that my wedding ring has become a deflector shield of sorts. homage to star wars. since i am very active the local community i am often crossing the city from one end to the next & still find that i am being checked out. or as a good friend of mine once said to me. *you still got it.*

since my childhood i have never been big on attracting attention & i am usually in sneakers or my blundstones which are scuffed because i love wearing them so much. always in jeans. i have been running my errands & going to volunteer without wearing it & (there’s the timer. be right back.) found myself nearly run down while crossing the street.

sometime last week i was hurrying as i was meeting my husband & was unlucky enough to nearly be *bumped* into in the cross walk by a guy that was too fat and too slow. i raised my hand flashing my ring & cleared a path appeared. it’s also why i call it a deflector shield. because essentially that’s what it has become.

i have never thought of myself as good looking or beautiful. i grew up in the mud & in trees and make-up is something i have only worn for my wedding. i attended a party last night where the only thing i wore was gloss. hence, the constant attention is something that if it’s the wrong guy is uncomfortable & if it is a desperate guy becomes a challenge for them.

i have written @ length about poly & why i am against multi-partner relationships. yes, i can hold conversation. i am educated. multi-lingual & have good knowledge of other countries outside the US; BUT the ship has sailed. my new favorite line is mentioning my husband in the same context as the place i am going or mentioning him in my first sentence.
it’s an excellent way to spot d-bags that because of their *creative lifestyles* will remain eternally single.

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