misentropes in the skies

i have been trying for a week to figure out how i was going to put this into words. i have been traveling pretty frequently this year & just came back from weekend in California-where i encountered 105 degree temps & managed to see a celeb. but-that’s not why i am writing.
this is the second time since April where i have been a target on an airplane and have been subsequently harassed by a passenger i have never seen before. the first situation was in April when i was returning for my bridal shower & got lucky enough to encounter a man with air rage. on this trip however it was 3 trust fund kids from the LA area who spoke about me in fashion i will not repeat it here. it began the minute my husband & boarded the airplane & didn’t cease until i told a flight attendant that was serving soda/juice & the usual booze what was happening. she immediately re-seated us thanks to a business traveler that looked pissed when we landed. i guess listening to those foul mouthed brats got to him the last 60 minutes.
the sad part is-flight crews have become babysitters in the skies; it’s not just the person that won’t stop drinking on a 2 hour flight but brats of the kind my husband & i encountered. it’s usually people who have been drinking-in April the guy reeked of booze and crew refused to serve him. it’s grown bullies that think that harassment is the same sport it was when they where in grade school/high school & where never disciplined for their behavior. bullies are always bullies & never seem to grow up. when you repeatedly act & behave badly & never suffer consequences why stop. reminding me of the tragic events @ Rutgers. where i think manslaughter is a perfect charge for what those 2 kids part took in.
i lost a pack of gum after having to move on the aircraft but on the bright side my husband & got some private time to do Norwegian together. i am proud of myself for not losing my cool & my husband & i gave them 5 minute lead when we arrived @ the airport. makes me glad i was never part of a mean girl clique. life is too short to treat perfect strangers badly. i have to give kudos to the carrier’s crew who after initially botching it-made everything alright.

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