married life

if you had asked me 5 years ago if i thought i would ever get married i would probably have told you no way in hell. but i enjoy the companionship of getting up early on Sunday mornings to get to our favorite farmer’s market. or seeing how excited the dog gets when we tell him we are taking him to the park.

i like having someone call me ask if i am okay and if i am having a good day. even when it’s Mondays. blah. i met a woman recently who became quite antagonized when i said i was married. her reason and she was much older than me was that she was financially independent. however, science has recently pointed out that people with partners live longer happier lives. something i believe very much is true.

being single really isn’t that much fun; something i saw first hand at a party recently where a woman showed up with a new boyfriend and the old fling got jealous and left. or the perpetual online dater.  online dating is the new dating-i understand that but i did online dating before it became hip and it was not much fun. which is why i am lucky that i didn’t meet my husband on some internet site but met him in a place i used to volunteer at.

i think the best part of being married is finding Sunday nights dinner sitting in the fridge and warm home made latte on a Saturday morning.

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