why unemployment is the new welfare

when the markets came crashing down in late 07 and early 08-and the lines began to form at state unemployment offices i had hope that people wouldn’t become dependent on essential doing nothing for $1,200 a month. i have spoken to people that are either using it because they don’t want to be *paid* less than their unemployment checks or they have a false belief that the *dream* job still exists when in reality the economy is a considerably different place than it was 2 years ago.

the other aspect i have heard is that people are unwilling to relocate in order to be employed.  there are several states that have the lowest unemployment but they’re not *trendy* or in a hip location. however, if you want to go East to New Hampshire or Vermont they have a low unemployment rate and North and South Dakota does as well.  i think the bigger picture is simply realizing that the location should no longer matter the income should mean more.

i think that people that interviewed by the media that whine that they are going to lose their house or apartment because the extension has become a way of being irresponsible. i am expecting that there will be a new wave of homelessness in the US within the next the 6 months. i am expecting the places i volunteer will be flooded with a new client.

i think unemployment is no better than disability at this point-i think reality will set in when people that have refused to look for work that is *below* their standards are greeted with General Assistance which is average check once-month $339 and food stamps which in most states doesn’t top $100 per-month. i have no pity for people that are living above their means on unemployment. if they are they need to recognize that their needs to be a shift in their life and corners need to be cut. because in the end it can mean being on the street or in a small apartment with assistance.

the decision has already been made by the government now-it’ll be interesting to see how people handle this new found reality.

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