the dress/tux/church. oh my!

here it is 30 days to the wedding. there has been a some drama but that’s resolved. the dress i got didn’t fit so i am getting a new dress customized for me! what i am really happy about is that there have been no ex’s from my past sending emails/letters et cetera. which is a relief. i feel good about my choice and the next phase of my life.

i am looking forward to seeing Norway again in a few weeks and spending time with my relatives. all we have to figure out now is the tux, the church service and the dress. i am most worried about the dress. i have heard that most brides are.

it feels good to be back on the West coast again. all the icky nightmares i had on the East coast are not happening and i am able to sleep like a lamb. i have upped my medication slightly but have my doc backing me up on the fact that it was a good idea. it also reconfirms why i made the right move out to the West coast 10 years ago. it probably saved my life.

onto the Fridays. thanks for reading.

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