Month: May 2010

  • almost there

    the thing i was becoming the most worried about has been resolved-the flowers & the dress. the dress fits me like a glove which makes me really happy and i can wear it after the wedding as a regular summer dress. now-the only worry i have is my positional vertigo that hasn’t struck me in […]

  • the dress/tux/church. oh my!

    here it is 30 days to the wedding. there has been a some drama but that’s resolved. the dress i got didn’t fit so i am getting a new dress customized for me! what i am really happy about is that there have been no ex’s from my past sending emails/letters et cetera. which is […]

  • got the dress

    now all i hope is that it fits?? please make sure it fits. i am really nervous if it doesn’t. fingers crossed. tonight off to a tux fitting.