ask me. i am an adult.

there is seems to be some family drama taking place 6thousand miles away from me over the last post. from what i am hearing people are now *concerned* for my mental health over that post. i was also told that this would give my out of touch distant family ammunition-for what?

if you don’t want to come to my wedding-than simply don’t. because you actually don’t want to know me as a woman and survivor of domestic violence which in the end Forced me to relocate to the West coast. believe me moving this far away was not my idea. it came from court appointed social workers, my trauma therapist and people that where concerned that i would end up dead by the hands of my father.

i no longer live with shame, guilt over what i write in my blog or how express myself. statics show that i could have wound up dead before the age of 21 or a drug addict, a prostitute or i could have wound up a street kid in NYC.

because of what i grew up in. if you want to know Who I am than you should read all my blogs-as i have one on blogspot and one on wordpress.

if you have any questions about my mental health or how i am feeling than send me an email don’t go through my parents. ask me. if you don’t want to come to my wedding because i am adult survivor who has affects of mental illness you’re to busy educate yourself about or you want to know me.

i won’t get angry-that’s a waste on an emotion towards someone i know barely know. i will be disappointed and sad. because of the indifference and total lack of respect towards me. it’s not my choice it’s actually all yours.

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