false pretense

i guess i should be excited that i am doing a destination wedding. up until this weekend i was until i realized that my sister had no actual sincere reason to be there. she makes a good living and recently acquired a condo but wouldn’t pay for the plane ticket to Europe. did i miss something? is this the New-Cool way to behave? she’s using the airline miles of her current BF-for which my father is reimbursing him.

wait because this now looks like a bribe-by my own father to get my sister to come.

i was hoping to avoid wedding drama-but i have heard for the most part that something always comes up even when you think everything has been thought of or dealt with.  hence, since she will be coming under false pretenses i don’t want her there at all. she has done the best she can do distance herself from me in every way possible and sense these superficial emails for my birthday/christmas or whatever. she would make for a great politicians wife.

it’s my wedding and i want to have a fun, light fill day not look out over everyone who’s there and begin to count those who are there say for my parents not for me.

something that is making me very sad.  i am dealing with the same false pretense with my wedding shower where a woman i have known since childhood is coming but when she got married in Arizona 6 years ago. she invited everyone in my family BUT me. i am not looking forward to seeing her as i have no interest in her child/ her spouse or her life.

a neighbor of mine was married last Fall and we where invited to her wedding weekend bash which was great. her sister came from TX with her children all in tow and it was a sincere and kind gesture that it almost made me cry. i do have close friends but with my age am realizing that my closest of friends are NOT my family.

something that is typical for children of domestic violence. i doubt VERY much and i  will never allow my parents to see my children as i endured what has been described and compared to WWII growing up my professionals. seeing parents and my sister’s true colors is something i already saw 3 years ago. with their dis-bonded and inept reaction to what happened in my life.

having my father send me an email where i suggest that *apologize* to my sister for removing her from my wedding is not something i will do. maybe i should just remove them from my life permanently as i haven’t trusted them since 1997.

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