Month: April 2010

  • all is…

    Good. it’s a full moon and things are actually improving. strange. must get back to watching CSI. looking forward to the wedding and the weekend!

  • ask me. i am an adult.

    there is seems to be some family drama taking place 6thousand miles away from me over the last post. from what i am hearing people are now *concerned* for my mental health over that post. i was also told that this would give my out of touch distant family ammunition-for what? if you don’t want […]

  • when your parents disappoint

    so, here i am on the East coast a place i have come to dread visiting. while looking around the house today i discovered several books that my mom had put in my parents collection that are mine. then i take a look in her home *office* and discover that she has a book-called When […]