the aftermath

so, what does one do when one is stalked? through a cell phone/online or in personally? that’s something i have been dealing with for a majority of my life. because i always seem to be the target of people with bad intentions-who usually don’t have a life. or think that mine is fascinating.

i know that my phone began having issues over a year ago. i also know people who deliberately asked me for what kind of cell phone i had and my number. one is a grad student-this could ruin her career and her life. the other is a music teacher of children in rode island and well the others they are local-and taking away their small meek check for a jail sentence when they are already gravely mental ill is not something worth pursuing to me.

i know however that there was more than 5 people involved this time. sad. really sad. i never read my bank account information over the phone and i haven’t since my account was compromised last April. i initially thought that it was during my European trip but now that i realize that someone was actively trying to harm me i understand why the Fraud department contacted me so quickly.

how does it feel to be on the end of being stalked yet again? well, i haven’t cried-because i learned over 15 years ago that this just gives the stalker the emotion they are seeking. the day i learned what transpired i took the necessary steps to protect myself.

i also realize how seeing someone “out of the blue” really wasn’t for the last year and half. i am glad i am not afraid because that’s what stalkers want you to have is fear. i don’t. what i do from a day to day basis will change. because i have to change it because of what has happened.

however, i am still looking forward to my wedding-and next months trip. that hasn’t changed. i will still do good-because i like making a Positive difference in people’s lives. i am also meeting someone brand new in my life this week and i am really excited.

ps-stalking in any form is felony and put you in jail from 15-25 years.  i still have my old phone because it still has the malware that was used to stalk me. i have the evidence which can be tracked back to your IP address/phone number or dummy server.

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