Month: March 2010

  • the list:

    let’s start with the East coast first: Mary Ellen G. she sent me rude messages on FB so in the end i ended up blocking her. on the west coast: There’s the fake and somewhat not all there Heather J. who i met through a non-profit i volunteer for. Joanna S. and Co-as she sent […]

  • the aftermath

    so, what does one do when one is stalked? through a cell phone/online or in personally? that’s something i have been dealing with for a majority of my life. because i always seem to be the target of people with bad intentions-who usually don’t have a life. or think that mine is fascinating. i know […]

  • to my cell phone stalker

    i changed phone and still have my old phone for back up for the police. also screaming at me in a public place will not result in reaction. i wonder what people in front of Hard Rock thought of “rational” behavior?? this is also a cease and desist. i have no problem taking you to […]