no shoes, belts, underwear.

since 9.11 i thought airports & airlines knew how to spot the obvious terrorist on the plane-apparently the obvious Red Flag of checking no luggage on what amounts to a 20 hour flight didn’t raise any flags in nigeria or in amsterdam. the thing that bothers me the most is that he didn’t have anything in his lap-right before landing he had sowed into his underwear. hence, telling passangers on international flights bound for the US can’t have anything in their laps an hour before landing is the tackiest thing i have ever heard. a brief review-the shoe bomber had in the explosive PETN in his shoes, the nigerian freak had sown into his underwear-& was able to pass security in the EU @ one of the worlds busiest airports.

patting down passengers who are flying on international flights does very little-bomb sniffing dogs are better @ detecting explosives than the TSA.  hence, as does telling passangers on international flights that they can only have One bag on board the aircraft & no access to the overhead bins before landing is lame. what are in the 1980’s-this is archaic. the 9.11 hijackers checked No bags & but where able to bring on board box cutters which they where able to take control of several aircraft with-they also threatened & told the passengers that they had explosives & would detonate the plane.

these threats is how the they where able to take control of the aircraft. the one good thing to come out of all the security since 9.11 is that you are no longer allowed to congregate in the front galley, on small planes that’s usually where there is a bathroom. that is a better security message than removing jackets from passengers on 8 hour flights that are sleeping. i think the key component the TSA and homeland security need to focus on is that, the terrorists have improvised & know of the new rules. the next thing i am expecting is to be strip searched before boarding a international flight. hello. they went from shoes to underwear& they had military grade explosive on their person. what i wonder is who has been kind enough to aid al quida with that?

on side note with my own personal life-i have been threatened this entire decade by assholes. a few threatened to kill me, a few threatened to destroy my reputation. what i have come to realize is that it was all a sick method of control. instead of telling me in their adult voice that i had upset them they stooped to grade school level & acted belligerent. threats are method of control, it’s used by people that supersede their own ability. one that i find funny, is by a loser who @ 40 still lives in his mamma’s house. another is by alcoholic who is trying to run a business. the last & my fave is the PUTZ that i met 7 years ago–who threw me across a room& then stalked me for 90 days plus. who told me he would “ruin” Seattle for me. something i just laugh @ considering everyone i spoke to about him said he was nuts.

i find that kind of grade school behavior tacky, really. i am not afraid anymore. since, i was in the homeless shelter a few years back i realize that if people are going to hurt you, they will do it when you are most vulnerable. i also don’t like the fact that these men prayed on me because of my mental illness & thought that if they threatened to kill me enough times i would actually start to believe it. i am sorry, Next. times up. and for the record i am still standing-without any fear. fear is for wimps!

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