-love has found me.

-i have really gotten into volunteering this year & am grateful for all the places where i make a difference.

-deleting all the Mean people off of Facebook & off my phone.

-that i am getting married next Summer in a beautiful place.

-that i am almost off my medication and functioning really well.

-i have all my belongings-nothing is in storage anymore.

-that i have a safe place to sleep @ night.

-reconnecting with old friends& finding new.

-that i am comfortable with my weight.

-spending quality time with my family in Europe this Spring.

-realizing that i do not make a good corporate whore.

-grateful for the people that have touched my life this year& making a positive difference!

-for a small little dog with Big attitude.

-that i am no longer homeless.

-that i miss running, but that walking, hiking & snowshoeing is just as fun.

-i am engaged & really excited about my future.

for the people that remind me that i do make a difference on the phone and with my time.



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