what i learned @ the mermaid…

i was ecstatic about a month ago–when i started a new job. what i didn’t calculate was a boss who was out of touch with her employees& with the noxious clients that would come & use the gym i worked for. i learned a few things about UN-happy, micro-managing managers like the one i had. she would hover over the desk i sat @ while my primary duty was to hand out towels& keys she gave me Busy work.

the Busy work was information that was readily available on the companies portal that also included contact info for each Event.   i had a co-worker that told me that if i had any questions i could ask. hence, i did. apparently however, to my UNhappy manager remarked in the conversations i had with her that i didn’t ask enough questions & then that i had asked too many????

i did each task i was asked & appperantly i didn’t do them to her controlling specs. i had a co-worker who rifled through the database of the company the gym was based out of for her “survey” for an establishment she wants to open in what can only be described as a dead market place.  she was using the company computer to find names of people she was sending her “survey” to.

but hey. that was a Normal Day @ the office. not to mention watching my manager around my age flirting with a client for 20 minutes in the middle of the gym. or the attitude i got from these UNhappy trophy wives, one that  was my Other manager who wore jeans into the office whenever she felt like although the rest of us where only allowed to wear them on Fridays.

i don’t miss being told my greeting was inappropriate, the way i said hello was Wrong. or constantly being treated like the Village  idiot. i was told the day she fired me that i didn’t OWN the Desk, i didn’t tag with my name because i am not in high school anymore& certainly wouldn’t take it home with me. i Greeted & handed out towels & the best Lockers to the brats that wanted them. but like a shrink i know said, i was working for UNhappy woman-so nothing i would have done @ the mermaid would have made a difference.

what i did learn is that i am not cut out to be a corporate whore. i think outside the Box, maybe that is why i drink coffee that comes from a Synesso & the milk is always perfect. because that is why independent is still the Best.

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