the americanization of europe

i flew out of Seattle to Copenhagen on a flight that will be a memory by the end of July as SAS will no longer be operating the route. something even i understand as the plane was empty when i left Seattle & was packed on the way back.
i spent a week plus in Sweden and about the same time in Norway. something i noticed when i was in both countries was how American the cultures had become. i found it sad. stores where packed with instant meals, commercials & fashion. i spent a week in a small town in Northern Norway and discovered a disturbing trend that coca cola has launched.
they allow small business owners to name the restaurant, however that is where the whole thing ends, they have expensive machine made espresso with a burger king style menu. all of the menu’s say in plain English that it is a franchise of coke.
however, i also experienced pleasant security at the airports & had a wonderful train ride in Sweden where the seats where wide, the food was fresh and the ride was smooth.
spending time with my grandmother was great, although the temperature was frigid, but the food was amazing. i also had 2 wonderful days in Oslo where i got to people watch & have some excellent coffee @ $4 a cup but it was completely worth it.
i hope to go back in the future, my family is amazing & i feel really Lucky. till next time.

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