Month: December 2008

  • christmas 08

    the scene was green but the food was good. i am proud owner of a new painting by my favorite painter Krogstad & gorgeous new cardigan that is fit for a queen. looking forward to completing my grad school application & waiting for the result. my resolution for 09 is to get better friends, a […]

  • newsFlash

    i have been attempting to change the time stamp on my blog, attempted. however, it is still wrong so here is the correct time 5pmPST. i have recently begun volunteering & have discovered that i am doing much better than i have thought for most of the last year. maybe i am lucky as i […]

  • thankful list

    i am relieved that i am no longer in a transitional housing. that i am applying for grad school and that i have a small part-time job. that i have good friends and a supportive family. that i no longer wonder what the next night will be like. that i am stable and functioning& productive. […]