Month: October 2008

  • litmus test

    compare. compare. compare. i have been doing this for over 2 years, not seeing myself worth-but comparing myself to people with i think has more than what i have. i do it with friends i have known for years-who haveĀ  jobs i will never land. it’s something i am going to try to stop. even […]

  • sparkling

    i got some really Good news today, apparently i am clean when it comes to my criminal background check. i got the good news this morning & have spent the day with a Real Felon who Hacked into *hot,* stolen computers& still has a warrant. makes me relieved that it’s NOT me. it gives me […]

  • cancerous friendship

    i left the transitional housing program & since then my life has been looking up, in small ways. i have had better interviews& better living situations have come into my life. i have attempted the last month to retain some contact with the women that i lived with & came to realize today that they […]