Month: September 2008

  • 1635

    that’s when my parents town was founded. i had a turbulent few days until i came to realize that my parents are not as well off as they once where & i should be lucky that i have a roof over my head& a place to my head every night. i have been drinking greenmermaid […]

  • relief. sort of.

    i have been spending time sipping coffee & doing everyday things-although watching the stock market plummet& houses no longer selling, buses getting crowded & people’s tempers flaring is scary. i just try to Breathe through the scary parts. i take each day in steps, i get up-grab a shower, walk the dog & figure out […]

  • stickingplans

    this is my second time writing this entry-i wasn’t happy with the first one & realized that i missed my goal of what i wanted to say. in my last post i wrote about paranoia which i have aspects of but not to the point that it cripples my day to day activities or what […]