Month: August 2008

  • paranoia/paranoid

    i was diagnosed with my mental illness last summer & am finally becoming more comfortable with who i am & where i am going. i went to one of my favorite cafe’s where i ran into a few people i know & some that i would rather forget. a few years back i was i […]

  • 1.7 Billion-did you get a slice?

    if you where one of the people glued to the Olympic coverage on the NBC networks chances are you don’t know how the largest dam in the world was built, or who Mao Tse Dong was(even though they would continually show his photo in their broadcasts.) or maybe that performers for the Opening and closing […]

  • “live”Olympics

    i have been seething the last 10 days, maybe it’s the icon that says Live on screen when i watch the Olympic coverage, maybe it’s the incessant political commercials, exxonmobile& a wide variety of other large name companies that have bought a piece of the Olympic NBC coverage. i watched the women’s volleyball 12 hours […]