Month: July 2008

  • next to the Beast

    mixed. tossed. stressed out. it has been one of those moments recently when things just seem to be on a shift-& the full moon is over or so i thought. the house has been wearing on me-i get accused of being a “gossip” when i don’t Talk. much like today because some princess in hideous […]

  • theViewfromWhereIam

    i live in a transitional shelter, where the women i live with only obligation is to find housing & lie around sleeping beautiful summer days away. where fights erupt over burners, cigarettes& clothes usually stolen from the wash. i do a chore everyday, it’s a small penance for having a roof over my head. the […]

  • seekingChange

    it’s a monday, i am dreading returning to the house filled with drama & lame rules. i am not looking forward to entering my tiny room & wondering if i will encounter the shelter bully that has been tagging me for most of the last month. i missed the fire alarm going off the other […]