Month: June 2008

  • singletons reply a year later

    last summer i began writing under the post script of undercover singleton; when i began spiraling & thought that i though Near to being homeless that i would become a cause celeb over what i don’t remember. i have vivid memories of cutting up personal belongings you Actually need. i am grateful for the fact […]

  • anniversaries

    living with a mental illness is hard; learning how to gauge every moment as i misinterpret situations that sometimes are Clear but to me are muddled by the thoughts in my head rather than Reality. a few years back i was consumed by a Negative stressor online. the so-called community was filled with nasty & […]

  • familje

    i remember being in norway on the couch in my grandmothers living room & not being able to sleep because i wanted to remember the way it looks& smells. something that i thought after not being there for so long had made me forget, instead i became sad because it hadn’t changed. her TV still […]