in the last few days i have been dealing with an incompetent, unprofessional wannabe social worker that works in the house i live in. she has the knack of taking Personal Calls during her shift & will often dismiss you as she reaches into her bra to take it. Gross. the whole situation was quite petty for starters as it dealt with my chore, completed which i was accused of Not doing by one of the Many Bullies we have in the house. she called me a Liar, got verbally abusive & then proceeded to act like she did Nothing to provoke me. the staff member that was working that night in the house Claimed that she didn’t Feel Safe, please what an Excuse–can i get that with a side of BS. it’s is staffs job in the house to Intervene that is WHY we have them-however useless they are most of the time.

back to the wannabe social workers, in the house i live with that houses 30 women we only have 2 Actual Social Workers that are there & they are there only during the day. the rest are wannabes with cell phones in their bra, or maybe they bring their own issues to work, common with the staff we have. not to mention we have a director that doesn’t allow you to discuss your feelings with her, because as she chimed in the other day she is not a Therapist. guess, i need another side of BS with ketchup for that one.

it has been a hard year, no Make that a difficult year-the staff is Useless most of the time & we only have 2 actual social workers. don’t have any Issues @ night & the word around the house is that there is staff you just don’t go to with your issues as they do next to nothing to help you solve them. i guess that is the Blessing in disguise is that there are other women in the house, who will usually set a situation straight when it comes to the Reality of the staff & other women in the house. we are all in the same boat wondering where we will end up after we leave. it makes living there slightly better than other places as there are other women we can turn to.

the last year plus have been one of the hardest in my life, being on the street was hard-but being in transitional housing is just as difficult or maybe the correct word is hard. being in the house is a daily rollercoaster where anything can happen. dealing with staff that is Under trained& to be honest are pretend social workers is even worse. i call them wannabes-because that is what they are. making me grateful that within all the chaos i face everyday i have a cell phone& i have a lifeline that doesn’t involve having to deal with supposed staff that grabs their cell phones out of their bra.

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