i am sitting on my new laptop that conveniently came with office 07; something i was thrilled with till my trial period expired. i am locked out of my own laptop. being a writer makes this really frustrating as i have recently begun submitting my work. now i can’t even cut/paste as all functions within the program are Locked. i will have to go back to pen & paper till next week when i will have the code to the software. i can compare being locked out on my laptop to being dressed for a formal event when it’s casual & you look like an idiot.

what is even worse is that i have my writing within view & not being able to use the program. it’s gives another term for how microsoft operates machines & how the manipulate & control the market. my laptop is locked, meaning all the programs related to 07 are inaccessible. if it wasn’t for the few friends i have with good connections i would have to revert back to XP’s operating system. i really enjoy the new functionality of 07 & the one day i had gathered enough muster to submit my work i was locked. submitting work is stressful enough but to be Locked out on a day i finally decided to bite the bullet & do it sucks.

the code should be coming soon, till then i will have to hold my breath & plot my poems in my head & on paper.

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