the last few weeks have been filled with questions. lots of questions. in a way it has been good because it has forced me to take a step back and look what i want out of my life; now that the medication is working and my days are not filled by me Freaking out. where do i begin? i was proposed/raising questions for me. do i like where i am in my life, Right now or should i do something different?

it’s what i call my cupcake mondays, i escape to ballard a place where i have lived the longest out of all the neighborhoods. maybe it’s the baristas or the smell of the salt air always making my days better. i also feel like i can escape from whatever is bringing me down. living in transitional housing for the past 6months has taught me that there are days that i am grateful i am not in the house. reallyGlad!

so here i am it has been one of the Best months of life even though it hasn’t been the easiest. i love February-because it brings spring, days slowly start getting warmer, daylight last till past 6 in the evening, and between it all we get spat on with a little bit of rain. spitting rain usually isn’t bad to be out in. i don’t melt last time i checked. i love the rain in the winter as it makes everything Green all year around. sometimes it gets cold-ah it’s winter that happens..duh!

i still have some serious questions to think about, but with all the Spring weather i will figure out which end is up-the side not marked Fragile.

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