overwhelmed. i really was on Vday, maybe it was the flowers, or the gadget i got? or maybe it was the question. in the next 6 months i have some serious thinking to do. i was touched by how my current Bf proposed & how patient he is being with my decision. this past year has been filled with a change.

today, i moved up a floor in the transitional housing program i am in-it means i get 4nights out every month & quieter place to sleep & to figure out what i am doing with my life. being in transitional housing has been a real life experiment for me, as it is giving me a chance to start to figure out what i want to do with my life, what i really want to do. since i have had fibromyalgia for the past couple of years it has taught me that there are days when i can’t do everything-and i have to slow down.

i want to find a vocation that works with my creativity, rather than tire me to exhaustion. i am currently working on a small portfolio with my new camera. i can’t wait till i upload the new program onto my laptop, speaking of that i need to get it. managed to get the pictures on the laptop now i can’t email them. really Frustrating! sipping & finished a second coffee just trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with the damn camera program!!

i am sure by the end of the week i will have figured it out, till then Argh! :0)

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