of Juno ( where one of the worst openers to a Great movie i have seen in a long time. the movie when it began gaining speed became a monster contender against The Others up for 8 oscar nods. maybe it’s the Greek fig ice cream i am eating or the fact that i was shuddering of disgust with total recall earlier today, or maybe it was the fact that life has taken a decisively different turn.

as in the movie i thought a few gut wrenching years ago that i had Found Love, deep sea diving style-in a 3weekFling. love is much like the the ice cream i am eating, it has ingredients that need to be added at the perfect time and then allowed to set. i won’t be writing a HowTo on how to Be/Find Love; because i am not the great proclaimer. @ least not anymore. i remember once in the early part of my twenties i found an adorable motorhead that preferred his mustang and grease to me. for months i tolerated the 8hour stints in the garage; when he proposed i said a Flat no-so to be kind, he whipped out a book of all the women his older brother had “ruined.”

it didn’t prove anything to me, being sexually comfortable is not a sin, and having a sinGular Bf does not make one an easy “catch.” maybe it’s the fact that i am sick of the Creepy guys that catch my eyes when i am volunteering-and think that berating my intelligence and wit is the way to my heart. I don’t think so…or drinking coffee with GreenMermaids-one word Yuck! i found that in my life the last 6 months love is much different than that, it’s open and accepting and Honest.

this isn’t a brag entry-life has taken a different turn and it wasn’t a U-Turn.

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