feeling Juno

the postal service is playing in the background @ the cupcake place as i am watching kids on winterBreak scramble in for a quick sugar rush and laughter. found 4gigs of ram on my ol’ beater laptop this past weekend and had a sudden new urge to go to a gym and attempt to regain what my bod was in my 20’s.

i had the Luck or grace or both to sit through there will be blood http://www.therewillbeblood.com  this past weekend; i would have rathered suffered @ the mall we saw the movie. i am Huge fan of daniel day lewis since he was in the last of the mochicans nearly 15years ago. the musical score reminded me of what i sounded like when i first began playing cello, AwFul, repetitive and going nowhere. much like the acting that ruined Uptown sinclairs book, by using snippets more suited for a game than a movie. heartless and gutless, for nearly 3 hours. don’t waste your Tendollars.

seattle has been momentarily ambushed by Tiny snippets of actual snowFall, yeah the kind that makes anyone from warmer temps Freak. i have been having an ongoing battle with what i view as a excellent cafe with UberPoor internet, Blah.

am feeling Juno and am looking forward to teenage angst, jennifer garner and the fact that this chick flick has some actual oscar weight. things are good, the days move slowly but steadily along with lighter days and spring, around the corner….

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