it is one of those days where the sun creeps in the windows, my writers block comes and goes. waves. the olympics look like silver peaks with the mountain covered in a beautiful blanket of white. the sidewalks are black ice hell. sand? pourly made second latte bummed me out today.

maybe it was the sheer lack of foam. a thin layer on top. reminded me of the slush outside. i have begun to re-think my book and see if i can get back into writing again. maybe switch out the topic; change the storyline. the thin foam reminded me of missplaced ideas.

or a jigsaw puzzle where the image forms itself by the shapes that match at odd angels and then form an image. last summer i worked on a puzzle and built it inside out. i Hate puzzles. maybe it is the time it takes to make them or the fact that i prefer trivial

pursuit. one of my favorite bars back east had trivial pursuit cards sitting at the bar and my friends and i would sit there for hours people watching and asking each other questions.

i am sitting watching what i refer to as etcha sketch situation/maybe it’s the super expensive watch and the fact that one of them didn’t pay for his pastry, the odd conversation and the sidekick with the greased hair who is Only listening. i smell a sewer rat. what i left the eastcoast to get away from.

oh well. i will still enjoy the bright beautiful afternoon that is making the city glisten in golden sunshine and watch people tripping down the sidewalks of ice.

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