i had just forgotten how busy the christmas season gets till this past weekend when i did 3 parties in 2 days, on top of running around getting essentials such as a christmas tree, ornaments and food. i was really touched when my beau pulled out an ornament i had forgotten about-from years ago. the sentiment of him holding on to it and keeping it safe made me cry.

   last year i was on my way to newJersey and spent 10 days i was away seeing most of the tri-state area visiting friends. i miss NYC this time of year, all the lights seeing rockefeller lit up with the angels and watching tourists going around the ice skating rink. the crisp city air that only exists in NYC.

         i was recently sent a link to the swedish saint lucia celebration-in sweden it’s the celebration of the coming winter days again becoming longer rather than shorter. i am celebrating a few milestones of my own, my medication is working, my beau and i are happy. i focus on the moments i didn’t or couldn’t have before. each day is better than the last.

ps-seattle just gave birth to what the locals call the S.l.u.t=southlake union trolley; the track runs a mere 1.3 miles in the city with 11 stops, so the lazy tourists no longer have to walk to lakeUnion. i rode the trolley today to stay drier. Wow! i usually walk what the trolley does in less than the 15 minutes it has between runs. stay tuned for other whacky ways the city is “improving” transportation.

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