i am sitting enjoying winter rain-that we should be having for the next week. maybe it’s the fact that lattes in short cups taste better on rainy days, that i like taking power naps. i was wondering what i was going to blog about the last few days when i found my dad’s old sweater and this really neat sweater dress that my grandmother made back in the early 90’s when 2000 really Felt far away.

when global warming was Just something scientists talked about but where never heard. i had to run an errand and came back to find my laptop had gone into sleep mode. i am sitting eating cupcakes and watching everyone bunched up and ready for winter. before my back was acutely injured this past spring i would be running in the cold rain; but since my injury hasn’t gotten any better i can’t.

since, my abilities have gotten the best of me, i prefer power walking and running trail. there is a gym next to where i live and hope to get into it at some point to do some cardio one of those Do it all machines that are popular these days; if it was up to me i would be out in the woods. not stuck in some gym.

i am looking forward to Christmas this year; we have decorated in the transitional housing i’m living in and it finally gave me much needed holiday spirit that had gotten the best of me since moving into the house. living there has been an interesting experience because the house moves in waves, there are days that the whole house is in a good mood and other days when everyone is either grouchy or irritated and it reverberates all over the house.

we had a bed bug scare recently, something i didn’t enjoy as i was forced to wash most of my clothes and if i wasn’t washing them i had place everything in the dryer for 20 minutes. the thrill of not being able to enter my room was annoying-the entire afternoon the house was in limbo-but it also created a bond. a few days ago the firealarm had been pushed and at a very early hour we all stood huddled waiting for the fireTrucks to pull up. i am Grateful the house didn’t burn down or that anything worse happened; it made me grateful for the small things i have incl. my old beat up laptop which is becoming temperamental and annoying at times.

only 11 days till Christmas!

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