i am looking forward to hiking this weekend with my hubby and just taking a small road trip out to the peninsula; and seeing a town i have heard many good stories about but never seen. i went to my storage unit and dug out my favorite wool cardigan and my hiking boots that i got all the way back in 1993-and that

 are the only goretex i own. i was thrilled to get my cardigan out of storage and some comfortable pants that are good for interviews and days i just want to look good. i have taken looking for work on a small hold till next month. i am excited because my medication is working and i no longer have pointless fights with my BF. we are also at plus 90days and the both of us are hosting my parents for Christmas.

i was lucky to read part of the Messiahlast weekend for a First advent gathering-it was in Norwegian. really kewl and fun to read. i am taking the uberearly Christmas season with a grain of salt. i have already written about how ridiculous Christmas showed up in stores last year-hence i will spare all you regular readers of me whining about the commerciallyzation of Christmas.

instead i thought i would write about quilters knots and how soothing theyare to tie;moving the thread clockwise and counter clockwise, before pulling it together. i helped my friend in the house with her quilt-something that i thought was geeky but i Now see that she wanted my help. i was in the scouts on 2 continents and the knot reminded me of something i learned when i took sunfish lessons more than a decade ago-one Hot summer.

as for work-i am just taking break and focusing on my handmade Christmas cards that i need to mail within the next week and half. i hope to start doing exclusive handmade cards for clients and only in small batches. my mom has offered to represent my cards on the eastCoast and we have developed an idea of how i will sell them. if you’re looking for unique, handmade cards feel free to email. stayTuned-the only way to go when Things are Down is Up.

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