Month: December 2007


it’s now down to the weekend before the 24th-and my mom sent me out on a mission to get food for eve of christmas. i also just watched one of the worst adaption of a book possible, theGoldenCompass! Yuck. talking animals and a plot that you couldn’t even follow as they kept introducing new aspects…

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i had just forgotten how busy the christmas season gets till this past weekend when i did 3 parties in 2 days, on top of running around getting essentials such as a christmas tree, ornaments and food. i was really touched when my beau pulled out an ornament i had forgotten about-from years ago. the…

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i am sitting enjoying winter rain-that we should be having for the next week. maybe it’s the fact that lattes in short cups taste better on rainy days, that i like taking power naps. i was wondering what i was going to blog about the last few days when i found my dad’s old sweater and…

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