inthe Breakroom

retail has always been an Ugly sport to work in-even when it has a pretty green bow on top. i spent most of November running to training sessions at a conglomerate that hides behind it’s co-op roots. i spent hours listening to Boring and often common sense thinking in the work place. the training was long and draining-somewhere along the way i said something that was “inappropriate” in the breakroom. i also know the law and firing someone when they are off the clock for comments is quite illegal; and clear ethical violation even by a company with supposedintegrity” and ethical standards.

i managed to work Oneday onthe sales floor where i was left out to dry by my own manager, who didn’t bother coming over until the very end of my shift, walked me through sorting of merchandise and where they hung in less than 10minutes. i had spent the whole day learning everything from scratch. my manager was not graceful, she was hostile, temperamental-however is only the tip of the iceberg the boat hit.

i managed to keep the section including the changing room free of hangers, and over 30 pieces of clothing out of the way of customers. during the training we where taught how to “pitch” the co-op idea, up-sell when a client came in, even if it’s just socks. during the training they never informed me that i was “seasonal,” rather they talk about “opportunity” for “Growth” something everyone knows during the holiday season is Pure bs. i met a woman that was in training with me, who was lost her manager position in another store to start from scratch at their flagship.

we where told that besides convincing customers that being a “member” was worth the money, it’s the only way one can go back and returning merchandise for cash, i dated a guy that returns over half of what he purchases and is still able to do so. i prefer companies such as LLB and lend where the guarantee comes with the product and isn’t an add on.  retail i still retail and i look back and wish i had taken a job where they where able offer me more money than the $7.42 i made hourly after taxes.

i haven’t made that little since i did babysitting in high school-nor been accused of lack of performance when i had no Guidance, or help in the section i was working in. selling a co-op idea and along with the other programs when people come in seeking very basic pieces of clothing. the most expensive thing in my section

wasn’t in my section-it was over-priced jacket that was anchored to the rounder. luckily something i didn’t have to worry about. i also heard a false and misplaced rumor about my LoveLife that was not based in fact? i still don’t know what they made up, as i clearly remember not talking about my supposed “love life” in the breakroom; and that she had gotten complaints from other managers, ha? what?

i know what sabotage looks like-and if i was not “fit” to work for this conglomerate they had ample opportunity during my training to terminate me working for them, instead they allowed me to work a horrible skeletal shift with NoHelp or guidance until the very End. hearing what i know understand as hearsay about my supposed love life astounded me. Hello anyBody home?

time to check out the competition-and check out the Real Green companies that still run on Ethics, the letter place i worked doesn’t have.

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