small rosesthe last few months have been one of the hardest in my life and i would not be working or having a place to live if it wasn’t for my friends who didn’t leave my side after i became homeless for the first time in my life.  this short list is for all of those who saw me and not my circumstances. Thank You! :0)

-my social worker, doc and the other people at the community clinic i go to because they treat me like a person, not a number.

-my friend Jon who has picked me for bowling all over the city of seattle.

-my parents who stood by me after my diagnosis of SaDo and watched me when i was drowning on depakote.

-the team at the hospital i was at briefly who bought me lattes, ice cream and other treats while making me being there a little bit easier.

-my friend Crysdian who made sure that i didn’t do anything stupid when i reached the breaking point this summer.

-my bowling league-a place where i can still sing lame 80’s songs and dance in the bowling lane without feeling weird or awkward.

-my favorite barista’s all over the city that remember what i drink, and pour hearts in my coffee.

-my BF who was a steady when i wasn’t-giving me a place to sleep away from the day shelter on the weekend, dragged me out to remind me that people still loved me and didn’t judge me because of my circumstances.

-being introduced to flickr, by meeting a super genius who just left the (L) coast for the (R)  and who’s photo’s are amazing.

-my friend Joe who encouraged me to get a job when i didn’t think i could do it; who believed in me when i didn’t. Thank you!

-my friends who made sure i didn’t end up on the street in August. a pizza guy and a few other random people who helped me when i didn’t know where to turn.

this thanks(Giving) i am really glad for the small and large things that happened in my life and which if they haven’t happened would not have changed me. my parents who called me everyday in August and September when things became rough and i began to Doubt my circumstances and them changing. all those who saw my worst side and helped anyway they could. ThankYou!

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