i decided to attempt to modifyand remove 2 other blog sites i began last summer before discovering wordpress, i won’t mention which-but to say that one sent me a link to reset my password that doesn’t work, the other one i can’t access and haven’t been able to cancel since May. my older blog from the last 2 years can be found on http://objectsinmirrorare.blogspotthe original title is the current Some: Times.

since, i now live next to where i work i decided to go to my favorite neighborhood of the old Norse and sit in one of my favorite coffee shops on these beautiful Friday. a few sharks showed up and had a meeting in the room i was in yesterday, one of them looked like he was straight out of a dickens movie-in his thousand dollar outfit with crocodile shoes, and tailored suit. i recently found a pair of corduroys in the transitional house i am in the donation pile, when i checked on-line how much they where worth my mouth dropped-retailing for $100* a pair, they where 2 inches to long, i grabbed scissors and cut them shorter. a Score in the clothing department.

i have also been hired by one of the Best 100 companies in the US and begin my training on sunday; should be good. i have a cool supervisor and will be working part-time which suits me just fine. i have been without work for most of the last year and it feels good to be back to work. i start working part-time; something i they told me i am allowed to do in the transitional house i am in. i am excited because i want to get my own place and-Save $ something i have had a very-Toughtime doing as it is connected to my SaDo.

knowing that my impulses may also be a sign of me spiraling i am trying to break myself of doing things on a whim. a few years ago-and up until last summer i realized how many times i had been impulsive for the wrong reasons. Wrong. including my relationships and myself. when i begin to Freak out i try to find out Why Before i do something i may regret later.

i am grateful to be in transitional housing, as it gives me a chance to figure out what i want to do in my life. since, the space is temporary i have barely taken anything out of storage, just what i have Needed for the winter season, a few sweaters, i discovered in all my visits to my storage unit that i Lost my favorite cardigan somewhere in my move.

a huge letdown as i wore it as a jacket most of last winter and was one of my favorite things i got last Christmas. i am getting ready to run a few errands and get some sun with the fall sun. a happy undercover singleton(barely…single.)

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