annie lennox& latte’s

here i am sitting across the street from one of my favorite outdoor stores, people watching with my addictionto latte’s. it’s warm and cozy and the coffee hit the spot; usually does. Internet dates, people that wear gore tex in the city when the temperature drops below 40 degrees. sitting @ one of the few Vivace’s in town, famous for obvious reasons! annie lennox blaring in the background.

i got up before 10am this morning to catch soccer @ my favorite English bar, sipping coffee and juice while i watched ManU regain the #1 position on the EPL Table;that was Arsenals, ahem, whoever they are. just kidding! i watch with 20 other fans that scream when our players fail to make the play. i drank twice in the 8 months i watched soccer,  when we lost to Chelsea in the Champion final and during the middle of the season when a friend bought me a shot & boddington. drinking @ before 5pm is lame and something i never part-take in unless i am @ a party, or social event.

i am defensive because i am Mandatedto see the rehab counselor and go to “meetings” for something i don’t have actual issue with. i have No temptation, cravings or withdrawalfrom not drinking. i made the mistake of saying that i would have a SingleBeer when things in my life was rough, immediately it’s assumed that i Do this All the timewhen i am under duress. this past summer i couldn’t drink because of the medication i was on, and the fact that i didn’t want to lose the homeless shelter i was in. Duh! the counselor

tried to tell me that i have “used” alcohol in the past when things in my life have been rough, this past summer was one of the hardest 3 months of my life-& i didn’t Use Alcohol Once. now, i am roped into these meetings, and meeting a counselor one on one. back to annie lennox, in a few hours i will be Mystique from the X men, a costume that should be interesting, as it’s the firsttime i will be wearing a wig! 

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