Month: September 2007

  • accepTed

    wow, i went from small uncomfortable mattresses to get accepted by city for where i am currently staying. i got the news yesterday a note under my door. it’s weird to not have to worry about where my head will end up. i still have to do chores, but they are worth it considering that i can pull […]

  • blueScreen

    now that i have a place i managed to get my laptop back, i covet the old machine more than i thought and missed it when i was in the emergency shelter. i have a Great house manager who wanted me to do a project, i hope i will be able to do in the […]

  • inSomnia

    on my old blog that has since been disbanded in may i blogged about my fibromyalgia-a disease that makes my bones hurt, giving me insomnia like a gift.  sitting past 10:00pm typing is exciting and thrilling, downstairs my Sheets await me going back to bed. since my medication can also cause this, the doc needs to […]